Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much can I save by replacing my 12-year-old HVAC system? 


Your savings typically depend on the SEER rating and efficiency of the HVAC system. You can usually save 30-50% energy costs by replacing a 12+-year-old system.

Q Do indoor air humidity levels impact my energy bills?


Yes! When the air in your home has too much moisture, the home feels much warmer than the actual temperature. Removing excess humidity enables you to set your thermostat at a higher temperature and feel comfortable. You may need AC repairs if you notice higher humidity levels in your home and haven't changed anything on the air conditioning system.

Q How can I heat my home more efficiently?


The most effective way to heat your home as efficiently as possible is to invest in a new and efficient furnace. Modern high-efficiency furnaces typically save consumers about 25% on their energy bills. We can help you choose the best high-efficiency furnace for your home.

Q What is air duct cleaning?


Air duct cleaning involves cleaning all parts of your heating and cooling system, including the grilles and diffusers, air ducts, coils, fan motors, heat exchangers, air handling unit housing, and fan housing. Duct cleaning is critical to ensure debris, dust, and pollen don't build up in your HVAC components.

Q Is there a way to remotely monitor my new HVAC system? 


You can remotely monitor your new HVAC system if you have specific models and controls. New thermostats by TRANE can monitor daily usage and alert you if there is an issue with the system.

Q Do you service all brands of equipment or just TRANE? 


The Heating + Air Paramedics services all major brands of equipment.

Q How often do air filters need to be changed?


We recommend changing disposable 1" air filters every 30 days. We recommend changing your air filters every 90-120 days if you have a 4" media pleated filters. Media filters don't need a replacement as often since there is 4 times the amount of surface area to attract dust, dirt and debris.

Q Do you charge more for after-hours calls? 


No! We understand that emergencies happen at all times of the day, so the actual service repair does not change depending on if its night or day.

Q What are the benefits of clean air?


The most important benefit of clean air is to eliminate sources that cause health problems. Allergies and asthma are greatly helped with clean indoor air. Dust, debris, and smoke particles often get stuck in the air circulating through your home. Removing this air to reduce these particles in your home is important. Studies show that the average American spends over 80% of their life inside homes or buildings.

Q How long does HVAC equipment last?


Most heating and cooling systems last about 10 to 15 years. Proper yearly maintenance can lengthen the life expectancy of your HVAC system. Therefore Heating + Air Paramedics recommends our yearly Paramedics Home Health Check (PHHC). Some high-efficiency models may last longer. Your system often becomes less efficient and has more issues as it ages. We recommend purchasing a newer model before your older HVAC system fails, putting you in a bind.

Q Do you have financing options instead of paying all upfront?


Yes, we offer many different consumer financing options with approved credit through Wells Fargo. The application is on our website and typically you'll receive a credit decision in minutes. We offer a variety of options to customize for each customer's needs.

Q Can I get heat pump federal tax credits?

The Inflation Reduction Act could lead to homeowners getting up to $14,000 for energy efficiency improvements. At Heating + Air Paramedics we want to help you understand what the Inflation Reduction Act can do for homeowners in your area and how we can help. The IRA is packed with incentives for homeowners to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, including installing high-efficiency cooling, heating, and water-heating equipment. Some of the IRA’s most notable credits and rebates are offered for heat pumps. A heat pump is a high-efficiency system that can heat and cool your home in place of a traditional air conditioner or furnace.

Q Do I qualify for IRA Rebates?

IRA rebates are offered for new technology, insulating, and sealing a home. The IRA states that if you have a household income less than 80 percent of your state’s median household income, your household is eligible for all the rebates available. If your household income is 80 percent to 150 percent, your home is eligible for 50 percent of the rebates. Some households can get back up to $8,000 for a heat pump, $840 for an electric oven, and $1,750 for a heat pump water heater. Simple changes like upgrading to a heat pump from a gas furnace may qualify you for these IRA rebates. Tax credits go towards 30 percent of the total cost of a heat pump, including labor, up to $2,000. The IRA rebates extend through the end of 2032.

Q What heat pump installation tax credits are available?

The IRA also includes an additional up to $1,200 in total tax credits per year on expenditures towards specific efficiency upgrades that include heat pumps. Some of these upgrades include:

  • Air Sealing Systems of Materials - $600 to improve your home's energy efficiency
  • Home Energy Audit - $150 to determine additional ways to improve your home's energy efficiency
  • Upgrading Electrical Supply - $600 to upgrade your electrical supply for energy-efficient appliances

Q Are energy-efficient upgrades important?

The IRA projects a 42% carbon emission reduction by 2050. An energy-efficient home saves money and helps avoid the worst of climate change. Upgrading from fossil fuel-burning appliances to electrical appliances boosts energy efficiency and saves money over time. Reducing the fossil fuel usage in your home helps reduce overall fossil fuel consumption, helping to fight climate change.

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